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love Liberia

Liberia - Next Generation Youth Prayer Team - student Interview 2016


Urgently needed support:                                                                                                                               8.10.2014
Rice for Liberia

The disastrous Ebola epidemic in Western Africa, which is being called “a crisis like no other” by the World Health Organization (WHO), has already evoked thousands of lives. Numerous people are sick and thousands of children have become orphans after losing their parents.
In Liberia, which is the most affected country, public life has been disrupted. Also agricultural activities are severely limited. The unemployment rate, which had been high before the epidemic, has now risen again. The population, who had already been poor before the epidemic broke out, is now acutely threatened by a hunger crisis.
Our partner organization CRCA (Christian Revival Church Association), led by pastor Dennis Aggrey, has launched a support programme for efficient distribution of food. With the help of a network of app. 70 Christian churches rural and urban communities will be supplied with non-perishable food: mainly rice. The leaders of these churches, who we personally know, are responsible for equal and fair distribution of supplies to their members and other people in need.
The CRCA has estimated the costs of this support programme to app. 40.000 $. CIG (Christian International Fellowship) Vienna as the Austrian partner wants to support CRCA with a considerable amount. From the existing Liberia-Funds 15.000 $ have already been transferred. In order to give more, we kindly ask for your help. Please support this programme.
Thank you and God bless you,

Pastor Rob Prokop
Christliche Internationale Gemeinde Wien
IBAN: AT90 1200 0232 1137 7602
Keyword: "Liberia-Nothilfe"


Liberia Project 2011 CRCA CIG

The Story

An Awakening in the Making – Lofa County, Northern Liberia. by Robert Prokop

In the fall of 2008, a team of Christians led by Dennis Aggrey daringly ascended toward the village of Malawu - the center of witchcraft for all of Liberia and notorious for human sacrificing. Dennis had sent word to the village elders that he was coming. When his team entered the village, they entered barefoot, a sign of respect – fully aware that they were risking their lives.

Liberians themselves knew enough to stay clear of Malawu Mountain, with its village of 800 residents deep in the northern jungle. But Dennis understood these people, for he had grown up in the village of Konia, not far from Malawu. Dennis himself had been initiated into the secret witchcraft society of Konia as a young boy - evidenced by the hundreds of scars on his body from ceremonial cuttings. Today Dennis is the founder and mission's director of CRCA (Christian Revival Churches Association), having long since found freedom and new life in Jesus Christ.

Dennis' strategy was to build a lasting friendship with the elders by offering to cover their huts with tin roofs. Their thatched roofs had proven quite inadequate during the rainy season. The elders agreed to his offer. By the end of the project Dennis was able to show the Jesus film to the entire village in their Loma tongue. Sixty adults denounced witchcraft and committed their lives to Christ – and a spiritual awakening in the region was in the making. To Dennis' surprise, the elders of Malawu asked if he would also build them a church in the village. Dennis agreed and the date for construction was set for March of 2009, just a few months later.

In Vienna, we had heard about Dennis and his upcoming March project in Malawu, so Rob Soprano, Bryan Collins and I decided to join him. We helped run the medical clinic, worked with the youth, as well as the construction. It was a life changing experience. Six weeks later Dennis' crew finished the building and weekly Christian church services were celebrated for the first time in Malawu history.

On January 4th 2010, Rob Soprano and I led a second team (10 men and 2 young ladies) to once again partner with Dennis. Our first stop was to encourage the believers in Konia and Malawu, and then press on to Bokeza, Wakazu and Kpasagiza (pronounced: Pasageesia) - villages near the Guinea border. Our mission was to begin construction on a new church building (in Kpasagiza), run medical clinics, distribute clothes, conduct pastoral training, and work with the youth in all three villages.

Kpasagiza is a large village of over 4,500 inhabitants, just a 40 minute walk from the republic of Guinea. It has been a powerful center for witchcraft, only second to Malawu. The villagers of Kpasagiza had heard about the positive changes in Konia and Malawu and some decided to go and see for themselves. They were so impressed by the progress, that they strongly advised the elders of Kpasagiza to invite Dennis to start a Christian mission in their village. The elders were reluctant at first, but finally agreed.

During our short time in these villages, we served over 700 people in our medical clinics. The village elders from across the border in Guinea were so intrigued by what they heard that they came to Kpasagiza (accompanied by the commissioner of southern Guinea) to see the work and extend an invitation for us to bring our Christian mission to Guinea. This is invitation is quite amazing, considering that Guinea is 85% Muslim.

On our last day in Kpasagiza, we were asked if our church (CIG) would consider adopting Kpasagiza as our village. I wholeheartedly agreed, understanding the liberty this would give us to serve in this region. The elders also expressed their need for a full-time medical center that would serve the surrounding villages of both Liberia and Guinea. We are now in the process of raising money to build this center.



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