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Robert Prokop

Lead Pastor and Spiritual adviser of the board

I was born in Jersey City, NJ in 1958, the 2nd son of Slovakian parents.  Through a dramatic series of events I had an encounter with Jesus at the age of 18.   In 1978, I attended a Bible College and the day after I graduated, got married to Mary.  
I see myself as a visionary, preacher, teacher and builder.  My passion is to see people released from religious bondage into the freedom we have in Christ, and to create environments where people encounter the love of Christ.
Some of my favorite pastimes include music, archery, tennis, weight lifting, carpentry, motorcycle riding and an occasional good film.  My favorite past time is spending time with Mary and our dog Cody outdoors, in a restaurant or somewhere like Croatia.

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Mary Prokop

Senior Leadership, Bookshop

I was born in Rochester, NY. I became a Christian at the age of 16 and wanted to become a missionary soon after my salvation experience. I attended Bible College and graduated in 1982, majoring in Biblical Literature.
In 1981 Rob and I got married – its been an exciting ride ever since!
In 1985 we moved to Baden, Austria and started a small Bible study for refugees in our home. That Bible study grew into what is now CIG (Christian International Fellowship) today.
My passion is Jesus and people. I devote my time to people— mainly young adults, helping them find their place in the Body of Christ, realize their potential, help them to connect. I also speak with the motivation to see people set free and live in their God-given identity.
My favorite pastimes are spending time with Rob and Cody, being outdoors, spending time with good friends and making new ones. I also have a passion for beautiful shoes and good books!
You can reach me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or grab me after service.

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Michael Laplume

Staff Pastor and Elder

I was born in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, in June of 1961 and became a Christian in May of 1985. I attended Bible College for 4 years, earning a degree in Theological Studies. As a Christian missionary, I came to Vienna, Austria in August of 1990. At that time I began serving as a fulltime volunteer at CIG (Christian International Fellowship) until June of 1996. During those years I served mainly as the director of the Bible School program as well as teaching Bible courses.

In July of 1996, I returned to America. While there I worked on staff for 2 years, at Grace Gospel Church, in Swansea, Massachusetts. I returned to Vienna, Austria, in July of 1998, to serve once again at CIG. It was in the following year, in 1999 that my wife, Beata and I were married.

I currently serve at CIG (Christian International Fellowship), as Pastor of Adult Education and as one of the elders of the church. I also oversee the A/V, IT and EDV departments. Together with my wife we lead the Life Groups ministry. I am passionate for God's Church and for seeing changed lives through a living and growing relationship with Jesus Christ. In my free time I enjoy reading, listening to jazz or Christian music, while relaxing with a good cup of coffee.

You may contact me by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0676/9212299

Serving Joyfully In God's Kingdom,
Michael Laplume

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Beata Laplume


I was born in Warsaw, Poland.  While in high school, I became a believer in Jesus. I visited Vienna for the first time in 1986 and moved here a year later. I began to serve at CIG (Christian International Fellowship) on a volunteer basis in 1990 and studied at Vienna Bible Institute, majoring in missions. Mike and I got married in 1999.

My passion is for Jesus & His church. I love to create environments for people to connect and find their place in the Body of Christ. Mike & I lead  Life Group Ministry & Connect. I’m on the Board of Directors of CIG (Christian International Fellowship).    
My favorite pastimes are: spending time with Mike, connecting with new people, photography, reading or taking walks on the beach.

You can  contact me at : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or meet me at the church service.

Daniel Beches

Daniel Beches


I was born on July 4th, 1962 in Arad, Romania. I run an auto repair shop.

I grew up in a Christian family and was baptized at the age of 17. During my school years, I attended a Romanian Pentacostal church and played music there. Today music is still one of my passions and enjoy playing bass guitar on the CIG (Christian International Fellowship) worship team. In the course of years, I have taken part in many Christian events, also preaching from time to time.

In 1986 I got married to my first wife; we bore three children: Dalara, Miriam and Michael. In 1990 we moved to Austria and I became a member of a local Romanian church. In 1991 we lost our little daughter Miram in a fire. Later my wife left me and I remained  with the children alone. The divorce followed in 1996. During this difficult time of my life I came to the CIG (Christian International Fellowship) where I attended the Bible school. In 2009 God brought me Alina and we married.
In addition to my role as a musician and elder in CIG (Christian International Fellowship), I'm also on the buffet team together with my wife and lead the Wednesday evening prayer meetings.
I firmly believe in the power of prayer. My motto is Psalm 73:28: "But this is my joy that I have put my trust in the Lord, in order to tell all his deeds."
I have been an elder for about 14 years. You may reach me at:  0699 / 1944 0461

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Festus Imarhiagbe


I was born on April 4th 1960 in Nigeria and came to Austria in 1985. I have been married to Evi for 21 years and we are blessed with three children (Tabea, Sade and Samuel). I graduated from the University of  Vienna in Agricultural Economy and Farm Management and also attended the Christian Counseling Institute (CLS) to study counseling.
Since 1996 I have been working with the Austrian Agricultural Marketing Board in Vienna as team leader for the Department of Environmental Productions and Measures.
I personally accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour in September 1987 at the Vienna Baptist Church, where I also served as Usher.
As a result of our relocation to Prottes in 1990, we attended the Free Church in Strasshof. However, in 2000 we chose CIG (Christian International Fellowship) as our home church.
My favourite Bible verse since then is 1. Peter 5:5 "God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble."

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0699 1061 7697

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Otmar J. tuma

Chairman of the Board

I was born in 1950 in Vienna, Austria. I have been happily married to Gerti for more than 40 years. Together, we have five wonderful children: Desiree, Markus, Daniela, Maximilian, Isabella, five children in law and 12 grandchildren. I am an international insurance broker for transport business.
By the grace of God I became a believer in 1988. 2001 I became a part of CIG (Christian International Fellowship). In 2004 I was asked to serve on the Board of our legal entity, the CIG-Verein, and in 2005 I was elected chairman. I also serve on the Senior Leadership Team and it is a pleasure to do so with this group of God-fearing and experienced men and women.
Beside serving in various other ministries one of my obligations is to teach a seminar for baptism candidates.
My mission is to spread the gospel and to further the kingdom of God together with the people of CIG (Christian International Fellowship) for His glory.
One of my favourite passages in the Bible is Ephesians 2, 8-10 but my life verse is Nehemia 8,10: "The joy of the Lord is my strength."

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Serving joyfully, Otmar

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Gertraud tuma

I was born in Vienna and have been married to Otmar since 1973. We have been blessed with five children and 12 grandchildren. We have been attending CIG since 2001 and have experienced much blessing here.

I have been leading the Sunday School ministry since the Fall of 2011. Week after week children meet in five different groups, while we, adults have our service. Along with fun and games, our priority is for the kids to know God personally. About 50 volunteers work together to help our kids develop strong character and become happy, godly children. For me, our children are not the church of tomorrow, but the church of today. Because everyone who is a follower of Jesus is the church! It is important for me, as part of Team Liberia, that our kids hear about Liberia and become connected with the children there through letters and small gifts.
Within the buffet ministry, I, along with nine group leaders and many volunteers, serve since eight years to make sure that people are taken care of in the culinary realm, as well as enjoy fellowship and exchange with one another. All proceeds go to support our Liberia project to help make a difference in that part of the world.
I love serving God with Matthew 6:33 in mind—to those who seek the kingdom first, all things will be added. I am also glad to serve as part of CIG's senior leadership team.

If you are interested in serving in either the Sunday school or Buffet ministry, feel free to contact me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Roland Machek

Vice president of the Board

I was born in 1954 in Grieskirchen, Austria and have been married to Elke for more than 30 years. God blessed us with 3 wonderful children (Michael, Marlene and Sandra).

As a businessman, I own a small import / export business and consulting firm, but presently I am mainly active as a licensed realtor in Vienna and Klosterneuburg.

By the grace of God I became a believer in spring 2002. For some months we were attending VCC, then we became aware of CIG (Christian International Fellowship), where we found our place since then.

In autumn 2006 I was asked to serve as an CIG (Christian International Fellowship) elder, about a year later I was called to join the Board of our legal entity, the CIG (Christian International Fellowship)-Verein and retired as an elder. Presently I'm responsible for leading the financial administration of CIG (Christian International Fellowship) and I also serve in the overall CIG (Christian International Fellowship)-leadershipteam.
It's on my heart to reach the unsaved in Vienna and elsewhere. That is why in the past I was contributing to Pro Christ, presently to N4C (www.n4c.at) and Love Liberia, as far as the time allows.
Of course I want to serve CIG (Christian International Fellowship) together with all the people who have the same desire to build Gods kingdom and to be available as "a vessel useful for the master" (2.Tim.2,21).

One of my favourite passages in the Bible is Psalm 23, where we clearly see God's role in our life.

I invite people to address me personally, especially before or after our Sunday services, but I am also available via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rob soprano leadership cig new

Robert Soprano

I was born in Framingham Massachusetts in 1983. I am the 1st son of P. Don and Wendy Soprano. I grew up in the church surrounded by church life, went to a Christian school, attended bible school and spent some time as a missionary kid in Budapest in 1996. I gave my life to Jesus when I was young after praying together with my mother and father.

In 2005, I was traveling through Austria and I met my amazing wife Isabella at a CIG youth weekend and I have been in Austria ever since. We have 3 beautiful children together, Samuel, Valentina and Audrey and a white Labrador named Cooper.
I work in a sales position selling network test and measurement systems and solutions.
I have been or am currently involved in various CIG ministries and in 2017 was asked to join the leadership team.  
I love most all sports, hunting, traveling, vacationing, and culinary experiences but mostly I enjoy spending time with my wife and children.

I am passionate about being a part of Gods team to help and see His vision, plan and purpose revealed. My favorite verse is Romans 6:23 “…the free gift of God is eternal life though Jesus Christ our Lord”.
Feel free to contact me by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on my mobile phone at +436602312183
I hope to see you at CIG soon!

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