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Paulina Auer

Hey, I'm Paulina, I'm a student and I have been attending the CIG ever since I was a kid.
I particularly like the fellowship that I have been enjoying for many years.
There is an atmosphere of freedom and everyone can be as he/she is.
Beside that, the sermons have a lot of depth and practical relevance.
For me, the CIG is a place where I feel comfortable and always get an encouraged.

Gerti Tuma

"My name is Gerti Tuma and the CIG has been my church since 2001.
Why is it so important for me to be in this church, and what am I grateful for?
First and foremost I am greatful for the deep, spiritual and nonetheless very practical messages that accompany me in my everyday life.
I am thankful for the brothers & sisters in Christ, with whom I am connected with deep love & for the possibilities to serve in different ministries that God has assigned me to.
As a leader of the Sunday School ministry I enjoy deep connections with the kids and the Sunday school teachers.
I am also a leader of the buffet ministry where I get plenty of opportunities to serve alongside of many brothers and sisters in Christ in different ways.
My life motto is Matthew 6:33 and after this I strive with all my heart."

helga vacek

"My name is Helga Vacek, I'm 63 years old and I am retired.
I came to the CIG through a colleague, more than 20 years ago.
We received a very warm welcome, my daughter Cornelia and I, and we felt belonging here right from the start.
I especially appreciated the family atmosphere, people being there for one another.
We both were in good hands with our worries and needs. We always found an open ear to listen, or even a shoulder to cry on.
We were supported, held, hugged and comforted when in need.
In the past 20 years, my daugher and I faced many difficult situations and we always felt gently carried thru our pain.
As it is in the Bible taught by Jesus: Galatians 6: 2 "Bear one another's weight, and you shall fulfill the law of Christ."
CIG is our home and I thank God for bringing us here."


"My name’s Meher. I went to a Humana thrift shop & heard a Christian band playing.
The lyrics were really good, praising God. I was actually surprised to find a store that is playing a Christian music. So I went to the cash register and there was a really cute girl (Florina).
I told her how I was actually church-hunting for a place of worship that preaches according to the Bible. She told me about the CIG and that I should definitely pay it a visit.
So I did and I’m so glad that I was able to find this church, with this kind of preaching and these people!
It’s been a month and I’m very happy here. I have nothing but good memories."


"My name is Carmen, I'm from Germany.
I am in the CIG since about 2007. It was the second church I visited, and I stayed.
I particularly like the openness, friendly atmosphere, diversity of the people, the respect for freedom of each individual as well as the emphasis on Christian commandments and values.
I like that there are many possibilites to contribute with your gifts to help shape the community life.
Personally, I experienced a lot of love, acceptance, healing and support at the CIG.
I also think it's good that there are two services on Sunday. Although I belong to the older generation,
I prefer visiting the evening services, which are mainly attended by the youth."


"My name is Bassam & I'm 21 years old. I am half Egyptian & half Aramaean, mother tongue: sarcasm.
I came to the CIG through my brother Sahir almost 2 years ago.
At the CIG I like excellent worship, really interesting sermons, the fellowship & the brotherly love,
which you can experience every Sunday."

Home > About > Us > CIG - People
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